We can serve you as a billing and coding server for any kind of cardiovascular operation be it congenital or coronary; invasive, non-invasive or interventional cardiology. Furthermore, we can code them all with pinpoint accuracy and promptness. 

We also change according to your (medical) specialization either general pediatrics or interventionist.

Moreover, just reach out to us now and let us take care of your cardiology billing and coding obligations.

Trust Med Revolve Billing For Your Billing

Cardiology EHR Billing

Make good use of your EHR by integrating and our help to maximize profits with very little sweat.

Cardiology EMR Billing

Generating bills for your cardiology services becomes easy if you can rely on your existing EMR or hospital system.

Cardiology CPT Billing

We use the most current of CPT codes and modifiers in order to capture and report on your entire gamut of cardiovascular procedures and increase your repayment.

Cardiology ICD-10 Billing

Our specialty is cardiology and we have sufficient experience to provide the best ICD-10 codes documenting the severity of your cardiological issues. Our services will help you improve your billing quality and also suggest a plan that will help you to get rid of all the challenges in this document.

Cardiology RCM Billing

The most significant aspect is that we proffer a full package for your revenue cycle management, from patients’ enrolment to account receivable tracking, making sure that payment for your cardiology enterprise is done promptly.

Cardiology Telehealth Billing

More so, this is an area we have specialized in for billing telehealth and remote services while ensuring that compliance with coding and payer guidelines is adhered to as well as obtaining the best possible rates for your cardiology consultations.


Enjoy Faster Payments & Fewer Denials

We handle cardiac RCM for you, which include coding and billing of such cardiology tests as ECGs, echocardiograms, angioplasties and stent placements among others. Payers’ claim submission and follow-up to facilitate prompt payment Denial management with appeal process in order to sort out payer quarrels Patient billing and collections so as to enhance patient contentment Reporting and analysis for profitability improvement insights. 

You can easily document the details of your cardiology services, such as ECG, echocardiogram, stress test, angiography, etc. In addition, using templates that are customized for cardiology.

You can easily access a library of clinical content that covers common cardiology conditions, symptoms, diagnoses, treatments, and medications.

You can monitor your patients’ vital signs, such as blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation, etc. using devices that are connected to your software. You can also set alerts and notifications for abnormal readings and follow up with your patients accordingly.

You can view, store, and share your patients’ imaging and test results, such as X-rays, ultrasounds, lab reports, etc. using your software. You can also integrate with external imaging and laboratory facilities and receive results electronically.


Cardiologists: Access Top Payers, Boost Revenue.

Payer networks giving you a hard time? We simplify the process of credentialing for UnitedHealthcare, Aetna, Cigna & BCBS. Attractive deals await you alongside our well-designed software. Let’s open up your financial possibilities!

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