An offer Specialty-specific solutions and enhance collection of revenue for all sizes but mainly in private practices.

When you run a private practice, what you need is having more time dedicated to patients and not paper work. Med Revolve Billing provides financial clarity and growth with its experienced expertise.

We are not just billers. We are your trusted financial partners. Our knowledgeable team deciphers the confusing codes, manages claim denials, smooths out your system so that you can concentrate on delivering the best possible customer care to your many patients at our Private Practice With The Solution.

Maximizing Reimbursements, Minimizing
Denials by Empowering Your Private Practice's
Financial Health

Audit and Report

Auditing is the process of evaluating compliance and the quality of a healthcare provider’s billing practices. It involves scanning and identifying inaccuracies, which lead to reduced reimbursement and increased costs. At Med Revolve we do audits and report on private practices to optimize efficient RCM. 

Identify Error Patterns

However, identifying mistakes is very important where we  find recurrent errors andwhich result to fines in monetary terms and a criminal offence, increased operational costs, rejections of claims, as well as decreased revenues. These trends are mitigated at the grassroot level in order to prevent future rejections and lower payment from this point.

Appeal Denials

After a claim is rejected, procedures do not address late or denied claims, thus leaving the money on the table. We appeal all denials and thoroughly investigate unresolved outstanding claims and fix the incorrectness.

Eliminate Billing Errors

The most common billing mistakes are mistaken coding and errors in patients’ details. So, our company applies automated claim scrubber software which is able to clean claims thoroughly with the highest accuracy so that it can be prepared for submission.

Ensure Coding Accuracy

Accurate submissions leading to quicker revenues depend entirely on the coding accuracy for procedures, diagnoses and treatments. Med Revolve has experts that make a strong case for claims submission so as to avoid denials at all costs.

Actively Track the Claim
Throughout the Process

The revenue cycle needs a strict follow-up and a strong track system throughout the billing process. We actively track the claims throughout its lifecycle to identify and manage the errors in a timely manner.

Boost Cash Flow

The last step is to reimburse which is the last yet most important in these series since it boosts quality of care in your private practice and enhances patient experience. We ensure timely denial management, more cash inflow and reduced overall costs.

Poor Billing Places Your Private Practice at Risk of Lost Revenue

Billing accuracy and transparency are the landmarks of an ideal billing and RCM solution.
For a solid foundation of your practice’s financial health, billing and coding accuracy and
compliance must be ensured.

When it comes to accuracy and transparency, a price would have to be paid. This means that billing solutions are expensive. Consequently, the costly in-house billing and RCM services could endanger your private practice. As a result of such poor billing and RCM services, your private practice is at risk of lost revenue through denied claims. On the other hand, Private Practice with the Solution could lower these risks and maintain an uninterrupted revenue cycle management flow for you.

Offering All-in-one Medical
Billing Solutions for Private

Your private practice suffers from delayed claims submission because you have to juggle numerous issues and multiple payers simultaneously.

Being a medical practitioner, you can do both but one of them at least with excellence or even maintain a balance between the two. Med Revolve Billing provides technologically advanced all-in-one billing and coding solutions that enhance charge capture.

We increase our revenue by 30% with an accuracy of 98%.

Help You Expand Your Practice

This is Why Private Practices Prefer Med Revolve Billing for Outsourcing Their Billing Services

Regular Analysis and Reporting

Regular Analysis and Reporting

Technology Led Data-Driven Approach

File Timely Claims

Stay Up-to-date on Billing for Specific Niches in
Healthcare with Med Revolve Billing

Expertise in handling diagnostic coding for specialties is vital to increasing your revenue cycle management practices.

Specialty-specific billing has the potential to;

Private Practices
Private Practices

Enhance Your Revenue Collection with Expert Billers

Private practices are assisted by the Med Revolve Billing. The firm offers customized billing services to private practitioners and it has an in-house billing, coding and RCM system that enables it to solve difficult issues.

Our own clearinghouse also covers most of your practice’s non-clinical burdens as well. Furthermore, we;