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The best way to deal with this is medical billing outsourcing. Every year, medical billing becomes more complicated and the laws that govern it change, which means that you may be wasting your time trying to keep up with both of these things at once while you also need to optimize cash flow. Managing outsource medical billing is expensive and requires a high level of precision. Yet one small mistake in processing can lead to denial or rejection of claims – which will increase costs for you too since reworking them takes just as much if not more effort than getting them right the first time!

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    Exceptional skills in controlling outsourcing Medical Billing

    As billing specialists, we lend you a helping hand to

    Outsource Medical Billing

    Is Your Healthcare Practice Efficient?

    Every year, medical billing is made complex by a lot of things including change in laws. But I can’t keep

    abreast with these changes while at the same time trying to increase the amount of money coming into my business.


    It costs a lot to manage outsourced medical billing and one has to be very careful; if not errors or processing problems may lead to denials

    or rejection of claims which still increases your cost and it takes a lot of time.

    Expertise in managing Outsource Medical Billing with Accuracy

    As billing specialists, we lend you a helping hand to

    Successful Claims Submission
    Streamline Administrative Systems
    Reduce Billing Complexities
    Access to Industry Specialists
    Outsource Medical Billing

    Does Your Health Care Practice Operate Efficiently?

    Well, hold the steering wheel. Keep your hands on it too, but steer in the right direction.

    In healthcare, patient care and medical billing are interdependent yet diverse in their operations. This requires specialization for both of them.

    Outsourcing medical billing may appear to be taking away control from you over your practice’s RCM. But actually, you gain more control than ever before – over accuracy as well as authority when it comes to your billing system and financial health at large.

    We take up non-clinical work only; front-end & back-end medical billing services whiles you remain focused like a laser beam on what matters most – patient care!

    Choose one or all of our billing services and manage billing smoothly.


    Insurance Verification

    Validate that the patient is insured and eligibility are done to eliminate unforeseen bills at the final moment and ensure correctness in billing and coding.

    Medical coding

    Ensure successful submission of claims by accurately coding medical procedures, diagnoses, and treatment.

    Payment posting

    Enter payment information into the system and review patient payments as well as insurance checks against their financial status.

    Accounts Receivable Follow-up

    Cut down A/R days through appealing claims and following up from end-to-end denials management.

    Patient Demographics

    Take patient’s data such as names, locations, ages, addresses among others & keep record of patient history.

    Charge Entry

    Put charges for health care services rendered plus other relevant accounting details into patients’ accounts.

    Denial Management

    We perform an immediate audit to correct any denial issues identified while ensuring efficiency in dealing with denied or delayed claims.

    Patient Statement

    Creates a statement for each client that indicates pending payments so as to facilitate timely collection of remaining amounts.

    Let’s Find Out if We are a Good Fit for You

    It can be stressful to decide who will outsource medical billing. This is your income, and so you want to find someone who

    can work efficiently; someone who can not only streamline your RCM but also grow your cash flow.

    At Med Revolve We have Both; The
    Technology and The Expertise to
    Navigate your Practice’s Bottom Line


    To cater for your billing needs, the technology we use comes with

    advanced features. Here is how they help you to compete with the best.

    Our cloud-based HIPAA-compliant PMS:

    Collects Important Data

    Captures all the necessary information and data, and keeps it safe
    without any trust breach.

    Foolproof EHRs

    Our cloud-based EHRs are foolproof and come with revenue cycle
    management software to help your staff streamline billing

    Access Data Any Time

    Includes little to no downtime, secure data backup, and you can
    access patient data from anywhere at any time


    Med Revolve offers its technology and expertise alike. When the two meet with your healthcare practice it will boost patient experience and payment collections. Our skilled team:

    Upfront Communication

    Establishes good communication pathways with the payer, 
    and patient.

    Precise Submission

    Accurately submits claims to lower the percentage of claims being denied.

    Familiarity with Payers

    Has a strong client base and is familiar with payers and their
constantly changing policies and handles all types of specialties.

    Audits and identifies areas where your billing needs improvement.