Optimized Billing for Small Practices: More Earnings and Less Efforts

Small practices have optimized billing that simplifies revenue management by maximizing earnings, with minimum effort. Created to better financial outcomes for small medical practices; it ensures efficiency and profitability.

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    Services for Your Small Practice

    Cloud-Based HIPAA-Compliant PMS

    Saves your practice from penalties, and keeps the patient’s confidential data secure.

    Automated Claims Scrubber EHR Software

    Runs the 
data through algorithms, scans, and rectifies errors.

    Own Clearinghouse –

    Verifies and processes claims with accuracy & transmits electronic claims to insurers.

    Are You Making More Revenue but Lesser Profits?

    Guess what, higher billing costs could be taking away a big chunk of your revenue, leaving crumbs behind.

    Outsourcing with Med Revolve Is Inexpensive Because We Make Billing Affordable for Your Individual Practice

    You have a lot on your plate as a small practice such as providing quality care, managing the administrative burdens, handling billing and coding, and staying accurate alone. We can totally relate to that!

    Optimized Billing for Small Practices is a medical billing service provider that offers cutting-edge solutions at reasonable prices. It helps take you from survival mode to growth mode where you get to:

    Small Practices

    Here’s How We Ease Billing for Small Practices!

    We take up all your non-
    clinical burdens

    Proactively handle constantly
    changing billing & coding rules

    Affordable for your

    Faster reimbursements

    Transparent in our reporting

    Cater end-to-end denial

    Small Practices

    100% Transparency and No Hidden Fees

    For your small clinic we have top-of-the-range services. Med Revolve team is of the view that it would be very important to communicate in a clear language and build consensus as well as make better choices which will allow us to work more efficiently on all areas of our billing services.

    Partner with Med Revolve Billing and Experience the Difference

    Our basic interest is to provide services that are highly personal, have a clear communication and create transparency by ensuring you are constantly updated.Maximize your practice’s financial performance by being fully compliant with the latest billing regulations and coding guidelines which our team is informed about. Your healthcare decision can be made after considering and reviewing all the reports that we generate as they contain all analytics for your own empowerment.