Urgent Care Billing

Get your payment promptly and fairly. This medical billing service simplifies billing and enhances your income cycle as well. Again, it includes some of the following specific services.

  • Billing for Walk-in Clinics
  • Billing for After-Hours Care
  • Occupational Medicine Billing
  • Telemedicine Billing
urgent care billing

Our New Add-Ons

Management Solutions Behavioral Health ICM Billing

The aim of our solutions is to make your work easier, whilst improving the quality of care and raising your business’s profitability. Also, with management solutions you just have to list your patients.

Claim Submission

Coding standards and rules are applied to validate your conformity as well as the accuracy of claims. To enforce this, our specialists trace your claims till they are fully paid. By using our claim submission service, you will be able to reduce administrative expenses while boosting cash flow.

Instant Eligibility Check

To avoid surprises or denials and get paid immediately, it is vital to check their copayment, deductible, coinsurance details etc. when you start giving services.

ICD-10 Coding

In addition, we have a team of Certified Coders who can easily handle any kind of Urgent Care type of diagnoses and procedures. This is because our ICD-10 coding service is always right on target, and updated at all times.

Personalized Support

Our services cater to the needs of a wide range of urgent care facilities like walk-in clinics, freestanding ERs and occupational health centers. Furthermore, we provide tailored assistance for various forms of urgent care treatment.


What can our billing service do for urgent care facilities?

Urgent care billing is not as simple as it sounds. This process needs to be done quickly, accurately and efficiently. In addition, we are the fastest, most precise and effective urgent care biller.

Your coding will be on point because we are skilled, your claims will be submitted at once and your follow-ups will be intense. In addition, we shall take charge of procurement such as HR, training, IT and legal so as to cut down the overhead costs. Finally, you can negotiate with payers better and get flexible payment plans for your clients through our intervention.

No matter how many times your claim gets denied, do not give up. Our well-informed team will help you avoid them like a professional by verifying your patients’ eligibility and checking the benefits before services are rendered. We will also assist you in eliminating possible errors or omissions in your documentation and coding that may result to rejection or audits. Moreover, in case of any denials we will enable you to negotiate for every single cent that is owed to you.

Our expert team will help you ace patient care by letting you focus on what you do best providing top-notch urgent care services. We’ll also help you wow your patients by cutting down wait times, improving communication, and offering convenient payment methods. And Our skilled team will help you keep your patients coming back by giving them clear and transparent billing statements and resolving any issues.

Automate workflows

Automating your workflows will be possible thanks to Med Revolve by connecting a cloud-based platform to your current systems. Similarly, we will assist you in streamlining processes through eliminating manual tasks, minimizing errors and enhancing efficiency. Moreover, it is our responsibility to provide you with medical billing software that allows you to access data from wherever you are using any device at any time.

Choose Med Revolve Billing and optimize your financial performance. Deliver care with peace of mind.

Let’s fight cancer together, one claim at a time.